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DC Comics act as a rescuer after marvel retired

The Marvel era saw its end after Marvel was bought up by 2009, since the agreement with Playtech and Cryptologic, the software providers of Online gaming casinos, did not fit in with their image as a family-friendly business. And so Playtech was only allowed to complete their contract with no chance of renewal.

After the contract ended in April 2017, all casinos withdrew the Marvel superhero slots games previously offered by them. The hope for superheroes is still left with the software programmers having had found an ally in DC Comics.

DC, which is the other half of the superhero comic world, started their fight to save the universe back in 1938 with the first DC comic; Superman. Both Marvel and DC have enjoyed decades of popularity both from comic fans and the public.

DC Comics, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc., have enjoyed a wide selection of adaptions to TV and film, such as the Green Lantern and Justice League, which are very popular among the public. The world has also seen several re-adaptations for some versions of Batman and Superman. And thus, having finally expanded itself in those areas, it was time to enter the world of slots.

The first online software programmer to sign a deal with the DC was Cryptologic. Yeah, they were first here too! So, they produced a few DC slots before the coming to an end (when they were bought by Amaya), having introduced them with great features and bonuses. After Amaya took over Cryptologic, some of these were taken over by NextGen/NYX Gaming, a subsidiary of Amaya Gaming. The ones taken over by NYX Gaming are Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman.

Next to enter this area was Microgaming, who jumped on the bandwagon with their release of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in 2013. These releases were based of course on the massive big screen-hit of Batman with Christian Bale back in 2008. The license for the same expired in 2016, and thus, the popular slot games are no longer available from Microgaming casinos.

With their upcoming end of License with Marvel, Playtechentered into a deal with DC slots in the year 2016 when they got their first deal with Warner Bros. for the rights to produce DC Slots based on the retro TV-series of Batman. The DC themed slots provided by Playtech are Batman and Mr. Freeze Fortune, Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza, Batman and the Penguin Prize, Batman and the Riddler Riches, Batman and Catwoman Cash, Batman and the Joker Jewels, Superman the Movie, Superman II, Man of Steel, Green Lantern.

In 2017, Playtech could secure an exclusive licence to the upcoming films based on DC, namely, Batman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Having had success by offering prize opportunity to players with the Marvel slots, Playtech wants to offer the same prize for the new DC slots as well, named DC Super Heroes Jackpot. So, with no consideration of which game one is playing, they still get a chance to score at the ever-growing progressive jackpot if they get the winning combination.

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